Monday, May 9, 2016


Hello world! Welcome to my little corner of the internet! Blogging is something I have toyed around with for a long time and I have finally decided on creating this one. I follow a lot of blogs that have led to their writers to becoming very successful and I congratulate them on that! Don't worry, I'm not just on here to try and get famous. I created this blog to further my writing skills and maybe help others by sharing my experiences. Mainly focusing in on my experiences in college, which will likely include a lot about sororities due to the fact that most of my extra time is spent with sisters when I am not focusing on my classes. Well, even when I am studying and doing homework I am often with sisters so I can't even say that!

Other than sharing my experiences as I wander through college life, I have many other interests that I hope to share with you all as well! Of course, being the girly girl that I am, I love beauty and fashion, so expect some snippets of that. It will most likely tie it in with my college posts somehow. It could be anywhere from outfits for a specific sorority event to crazy-themed social makeup.

I also enjoy art (it is my major, so I better love it). My major is specifically focused on Digital Media Design and I am incredibly excited to begin those classes. It is currently the summer before my sophomore year at Florida Gulf Coast University so I have yet to begin classes for my major, not including the traditional art classes I have taken, or will take, that are prerequisites. I am hoping to share my journey through art with you all as well.

I also plan to include little snippets of random occurrences. It could be family outings during holidays or different DIY/craft projects I think that you all might like to hear about. I could even include some cooking recipes that I have recently been learning (Don't tell my mom, but so far cooking has been kind of fun) as well as some of my favorite treats to bake! My favorite is cake pops, I am a PRO at those, yum!

I can't wait to let you guys into my world!

xoxo, tay