Sunday, May 15, 2016

Oreo the Morkie

Here is the newest addition to the family! Oreo is a little Morkie (Yorkie/Maltese) puppy that we welcomed into our home just a few weeks ago and he has captured our hearts. He has not, however, captured the heart of my other dog, Trixie. She absolutely hated him for the first week, and then one day we put them down together and she started to play with him a bit. There are still some dramatic moments between the two where we have to pull Trixie off the baby so she does not hurt him, but for the most part they have been getting along pretty nicely! I think Trixie is putting up a front that she does not like Oreo and she secretly likes having his company sometimes. However, there are definitely times when she does not like having him around, she is a bit of a little old lady after all, so dealing with a puppy can be annoying sometimes! 

Oreo is so funny to watch, he has the traits of a toddler! He will be playing and running in circles one moment (of course in his clumsy fashion that includes running into things, accidental flips and slips, and several trips as he attempts to run with toys in his mouth) and the next moment he is fast asleep. Naps are key for this little one to get through the day. Unfortunately he also tends to get up a few times a night, but from what Mimi has said (Mimi is my grandma, the dog is technically hers) he has been starting to sleep for most of the night. Potty training is what I think makes just about everyone groan, but it has not been so bad! As long as we take him out at the end of each nap throughout the day he seems to do pretty good with very few accidents inside the house. 

Last week I was working on a painting and someone snuck up behind me and stuck his nose in my paint! What a sneaky little boy, so cute! 

xoxo, tay