Friday, May 13, 2016

Home Sweet Home

I have been home from college for a few weeks now and it feels good to be back. A few days ago I took a trip to South Beach with my older brother, his girlfriend, and another friend. It felt good to go to the beach, relax the stress away from finals, and soak up some sun. Of course, when I am away at school I have the beach close by as well, but it is on the Gulf Coast and the beaches are much different than the Atlantic Coast. Plus, nothing beats the feeling like being at home.

I have always been the type of kid that was excited to get out of my hometown and go on new adventures in a new city while away at school. On the last day of school my senior year, while other people were crying and hugging, saying how much they would miss seeing each other and being home, I did not even bother to show up! I was not worried about missing anyone (okay, okay, maybe a few people) and all I did was look ahead at the exciting future of college life. 

I was not disappointed.

A year later, I have completed my freshman year of college, made tons of amazing friends (many of whom are my sorority sisters), and done all kinds of fun things I would not have done if I had stayed home for school. However, I came to a realization. While I absolutely LOVE being at FGCU and being in a different city for college, I did actually end up missing home sometimes. College life can get kind of lonely at times. I especially missed it when I didn't have my mom there to take care of me when I got sick!

I have grown an appreciation for my hometown. It feels really good to be home, away from all the hustle and bustle of college life. I can relax and do whatever I want without the pressure of school work. When I come home I do a lot of hanging out with my family over seeing friends. Part of the reason I wanted to get out of town for school was to escape the negative memories, and I still think about that, but now when I come home I just try to really focus my time on my family and myself. 

I have to enjoy being home while I can. In about a week and a half I head to sleep away camp to be a camp counselor for the rest of the summer! Just as I finish that I have a short period of time before I head off to school again to begin my sophomore year!

Wish me luck!

xoxo, tay