Thursday, May 12, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Journal #0

It's Thursday and that means that this is the first entry to my Throwback Thursday series! Every Thursday I am going to share a journal entry with you all from my journals, starting with the first one and going down the line! For this first journal, I cheated and picked several pages to share due to how short each entry is.
This is the first journal in my collection. I did not know I had it until recently when my mom found it in our garage and showed me. This is why I have it labeled as journal zero, for many years I had another one labeled as my first journal. My handwriting is quite awful in these pages, I was pretty young, so don't judge! Of course, me being the art lover I was I had to include drawings in some. Also, if you look really closely you can see where my mom wrote in corrections. My mom works in the school system and was probably a teacher at the time so having me start a journal was most likely her way of trying to get me to work on my penmanship and spelling skills.

"I went camping with the Girl Scouts. We went to the aquarium."

"Auntie Kristin went to the movies with me. We saw Finding Nemo. Nemo is a clown fish."

"Gramps and I are swimming in the pool. I am squatting Gramps with water."

"This is my dog Baer. He is sleeping with pups. There are 9 pups. He looks cute."

"I am learning how to ice skate. I can ice skate all by myself. I have gone ice skating 4 times."

"This is Trey and I on Rodeo Day. I rode Betty the horse. I also had my face painted."

xoxo, tay