Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Outfit of the Day: House Shopping

Shorts: Marshalls
Tank Top: Aeropostale 
Denim Shirt: Target
Earrings: Belks
Necklace & Bracelets: unknown & n/a (my mom got some for me awhile ago & two of the bracelets were made by my grandma)

My Mom and her boyfriend, Joey, have been looking for a new house for what seems like a long time now. Today was my third time accompanying my mom to look at different houses all day with the realtor. My last few months of being at school I fell into a habit of wearing what would normally be my go to outfit: shorts or leggings, a t-shirt (usually one from my sorority, shoutout to all my Phi Mu ladies reading this), and sandals or sneakers. There is nothing wrong with that, I could still look cute if I wanted too and it was a great outfit when I was in school. Cute and comfy is the key to my wardrobe. But sometimes I do like to dress it up a bit more, so today I wore something a little different. Since I will be in shorts and a t-shirt all summer at camp anyway, I figured now is my chance.

I have always thought it looked cute when I saw girls layering a plaid button-down shirt with a tank top or graphic t shirt. However, I wasn't crazy for the plaid part (I only wear plaid for a rodeo and thats a post for another day). So for this outfit I put my own spin on it. I love the look of a denim shirt as an outside layer, the way I would normally wear a lightweight jacket or cardigan. It is especially great during summer, when a jacket or cardigan would not be as ideal due to the heat. I can easily slip it off  if I am going to be outside and when I go inside I have a little something extra (I get cold really easily so I always tend to keep something like this on me when I go out). There has even been times where I just throw it on over my usual leggings and Phi Mu shirt. My favorite thing about this is that it is denim, so, like jeans, it matches everything and that makes it very wearable. 

To finish the outfit off I threw on a pair of off-white lace shorts and my new favorite sneakers that I bought at DSW. I love these cute little sneakers by Margaritaville, they have a tropical palm frond pattern that is perfect for summer. My favorite part of the shoes though are the laces, which I think are quite unique. I have seen all kinds of crazy shoe laces but I think the ropes tied up in a bow add the perfect touch to this shoe! If you are not crazy about tropical pattern, the same shoe is offered in a few other patterns and colors. I wore them all day today walking through house after house (at least 10, but I do not remember, probably more) and they did not give me any blisters. They do seem to run slightly small, so I would suggest doing what I did and going up half a size. 

Shoes: Margaritaville (purchased at DSW)

xoxo, tay