Saturday, December 31, 2016

What I Got for Christmas 2016


Last Christmas, I got a TON of jewelry. This year, I had to put my foot down and say that I didn't have a need for any more. I have jewelry coming out of my ears, but a girl can never have enough! These are just a few little pieces that I received this year that I am excited to add to my collection. 


For clothes, I really just had one thing that I had asked for. I think that having a nice fleece jacket is a staple piece for everyones winter wardrobe, and it was time for a new one this year! I picked out a cute Vineyard Vines Fleece Quarter Zip Shepshirt, and was beyond excited when I opened up this present from my grandparents. Along with my pullover VV fleece, my other grandma gave me a nice black jacket, little green cardigan with white polka dots, and a pink scarf with white details that will be great for summer.


Just like jewelry, a girl can never have enough accessories! I received a small Vera Bradley duffle from my aunt and uncle that will be great for weekend trips! I was also given a handmade tote bag, made by my grandma. For shoes I got a pair of black Uggs, and a pair of brown leather Birkenstocks, both of which I had asked for. Uggs are my favorite thing to wear when I have to spend hours doing homework and studying in the ice cold library at school. Alongside those things I was given a Phi Mu hat, and an arm band to hold my phone.

Misc Presents

As an art student, there are always some sort of art materials that I need for my various projects. This year, I decided to ask for a new set of watercolor pencils from my grandparents. It is a medium that I have grown to enjoy, however the set that I had was very limiting due to the lack of colors and the quality. It was just a set of Crayola pencils, so I decided it was time to move onto a better quality. From other family members I received money, gift cards, a new USB, personalized stationary, and The Body Shop body butter in Pina Colada!

Apple MacBook Laptop in Rose Gold

This is the present I was most excited for, and desperately needed! I have a MacBook Pro that is about six years old, and no matter how on top of updating it I am, it is constantly giving me issues. I had been wanting to get a new one for awhile, but it just was not able to happen. Lucky for me, this year my mom was able to snag me this laptop for Christmas! One of my favorite things about this new computer is that it is the smallest, lightest laptop Apple has to offer. My MacBook Pro was large and heavy, which made it hard to carry to class.  


I hope that everyone has had a great holiday season with their families! I, for one, have thoroughly enjoyed being back home, and on break without having to worry about any school work. I am excited to get back to FGCU for the spring semester, and have a fresh start with classes. Happy new year everyone!

xoxo, tay