Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Journal #6

     "I wasn't going to do much today, but ended up having some real fun. Tomorrow I was supposed to go to the youth fair, but we were looking at the tickets online and discovered that the 'pay-one-price' ticket weren't good on weekends. So we bought them, and decided to go tonight! We called Nicole, and she was free. When her mom was done with work, she met us there.
     We picked Nicole up at her house and drove an hour to the Miami-Dade Youth Fair. Since we didn't get there right away, we got a parking spot that was really far away. 
     Since we bought our tickets online, we got to go right in. The first thing we did was get in line for the swings. The line was long, but the ride sat a lot of people so it went by fast. After that we got in line for the fireball! Nicole was terrified! It's a bunch of seats in a circle facing each other. The circle spins while the whole thing rocks like a rocking chair. We had just barely made it on and we didn't have seats next to each other. I had a great time, but Niki not so much. 
     The next ride was the one that spins in one little circle while the whole ride spins in a big circle going the opposite direction. In the line for that we met two girls who sounded like they were from out of the country. But we found out they live by dolphin mall. We told them we live way south by the Everglades. They were debating on whether they should go on the ride or not. I told them it was really fun. 
     After that Nicole made me go on the haunted mansion ride. I hate those rides! They are so scary! I screamed a lot! My face was in my hands the whole time. I didn't uncover my face until Nicole told me it was over. The guy operating the ride laughed at me. 
     For the rest of the fair we rode a BUNCH of rides. Plus we pigged out on junk food. Nicole's mom joined us later. At around 11 o'clock Nicole felt sick and we went home. My mom and I ate a funnel cake and went home. By the time I was in bed it was midnight."


     My ride description skills are quite superb, aren't they? Also, Nicole totally made me go on the haunted house ride as payback for the ride I made her go on in the beginning. Yeah, Niki, I see you. I must have felt really cool for going to bed so late with the way I stated it at the end....
     I still cringe at my writing at this point. I think what really bothers me is that I am pretty sure, at this point in my life, I thought that I was a good writer. I just keep reminding myself that I was young, and this is from my journal (so a place that I was not concentrating on making my writing itself as amazing as possible). We can't just become a decent writer over night, we all have to start from somewhere...