Thursday, November 24, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Journal #4

Journal #4: 2009
     "We drove to Saint Augustine today. After checking into the hotel, we took a trolley tour. I had to wear this sticker. The trolley dropped us off down the street from Castillo De San Marco's Fort. So we visited there. It was cool. 
     At night we had a ghost tour. There was three places we visited that is haunted. The old school house, the graveyard, and the Castillo De San Marco's Fort. One of the younger boys got so freaked out. I let him hide behind me. The tour guide told us that we can't see the spirits that we would visit, but we can photograph them. If we were lucky we could see a spirit without looking at a picture. Monica and Lacie got pictures of yellow orbs. I got a picture of yellow streaks (moving spirits). 
     The school house is very active. A lady's spirit is supposed to haunt there. 
     The fort had many spirits. Monica and Lacie got pictures of orbs. Alex saw a figure walking on the top floor of the fort. We saw where the executions were held . 
     The last place was the graveyard. There are a few different spirits that haunt it. My favorite is the three boys. When the boys were alive, they were apparently adorable. They could make every woman in the village smile. They were very young. All three of them got sick and died. There spirits haunt the cemetery. When a girl stops by the cemetery, if they feel a hand tickle their back, its the boys. They like you. Sometimes you even get a big, sloppy kiss on the back of your neck."


     I have made some progress in spelling and length at this point in my journalling career. However, I seem to have developed an issue with tense that makes me cringe every time I come across a new error. When I write these entries, I make sure to spell things and write them grammatically the same as what is in my journal. This has to do with me wanting to show how my writing has evolved over the years. It takes every ounce of strength not to correct everything that is wrong with the writing in my older journals, and there is definitely a lot of corrections that could be made. 
    Another one of my issues I am noticing is that I have yet to learn how to express my emotions in a more obvious way in my writing. I sound pretty monotone and unamused, in my opinion. It definitely sounds like the ghost tour did not scare me, and I am pretty sure parts of the tour had me scared out of my mind. That was during one of my tomboy stages, and part of that stage was acting like I didn't care about certain things. For this situation I felt that I needed to be the "cool" girl who doesn't get scared of the spirits while everyone else is about to pee their pants. I'm sure I didn't pull this off whatsoever...

xoxo, tay