Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Bloggers Who Inspire Me...

As I become more and more immersed into the world of blogging I have found some blogs that I am quite inspired by...


I have been following her blog and YouTube channel since I was in high school. I can relate to Zoe is a lot of ways and that really attracts me to her work. I look up to her, she inspires me! I love her videos as well as her photography. The photos are always original, clear, and beautiful to look at. Her blog is a lifestyle blog that I strive toward becoming similar too. I look forward to reading about her life, recipes, fashion & beauty tips, and adventures of being a writer and YouTuber.

Classy Girls Wear Pearls

Sarah Vickers is one of my biggest fashion and blogging icons! All of her photos almost seem to have a vintage look to them, perfect for the New England setting. The photography on her blog beautifully captures the clothes without them always being the only interesting element. You can really tell how each setting is carefully planned with the outfit. The pictures themselves are candid and sometimes even look like they are telling a story. Each fashion post isn't just about the clothes, its also about the scene. I love the way she weaves these two things together so well. What I love most is the way she edits her pictures, they have a bit of a vintage vibe to them that I adore. I can scroll through Sarah's blog all day and never get bored of marveling over the photos...

Aspyn Ovard 

She isn't much older than I am and she has achieved so much! While I do not agree with some of her personal life choices that made me skeptical of following her blog and YouTube channel, I have moved past those and follow to appreciate her excellent photography and videography. I also love everything about her style, which is how I found her in the first place. One of my favorite ways of following her is through the vlogs that Aspyn does with her husband,  Parker. 

Golly Miss Molly

When I think of this blogger I like to consider her a southern belle with an edgy side. Her style varies so widely and I love that she isn't stuck in one mindset when it comes to clothes. It changes and evolves with the seasons and trends. I can relate to her in this kind of way because, while I usually call my style preppy, I do fall toward other trends and styles at times. I like to appreciate the different styles, even if they are not something I would necessarily wear myself, and I think that Molly really shows variety on her blog, and I really like this about her.

Fleur De Force

I have one word to describe Fleur: Chic. She takes high fashion and somehow makes it wearable. She is also another blogger with a YouTube channel, and I would have never guessed from her personality that she would take the fashion risks that she does! From beauty to fashion, she seems to be good at everything and has become widely successful in both blogging and YouTube. Fleur is another that, like Zoe, I have been following since high school, and I won't be stopping anytime soon!


All of these photos belong to the bloggers mentioned in this post.


xoxo, tay