Thursday, November 10, 2016

Throwback Thursday: Journal #2

"On Wednesday we went to Chimny Rock. It was so cool! The rock was so high up! On the way back to the parking lot we could hike back or take the elevator. I hiked back. It was cool. 
Hannah and I split our money to buy a box of taffy. On the way to the restaurant I had a piece of taffy and it made my tooth come out! It wasn't even loose! It started to bleed a lot, I hate the taste of blood. I got blood on my new pants! Sad me. I hope it comes out. I put my tooth under my pillow but the tooth fairy didn't come when I check this morning nothing was there. So I will just wait."

Every time I read old journal entries, I cringe at the lack of quality writing and the embarrassing content. Then again, I was in elementary school, so what can we really expect? Please note the run-on sentences, referencing myself in 3rd person, me not sparing the gory details of my tooth coming out, and my lack of ability to find a synonym for "cool." If I remember correctly this was the experience that made me low key realize that the tooth fairy was not real. There was also a  following experience where I lost my tooth at girl scout camp that confirmed my suspicions. 

Keep a look out for next weeks Throwback Thursday, because they are finally back!

xoxo, tay