Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Camp Week 6


At this point in the summer, I have been on every camp and had work crew the week before. It was my turn to finally have a repeat camp and I got Elementary Camp! At the start of the week I was still pretty sick, so as much as I had wanted to be more excited I knew they needed a lot more of my energy than I had. I ended up in the health center for a day and a half and I thought they would hate me when I came back... I was wrong. I got back into program during rest hour and they had all made me the cutest get well soon cards!

Once I was back, the rest of the week went by pretty smooth! I had a great section of girls that I loved hanging out with, even though sometimes I got pretty annoyed when they weren't quiet during rest hour. The theme is always such a blast with EC! This is also the camp that tends to have the best stories. I only had one good episode with a little girl this week and it wasn't even that bad. She had accidentally hit another girl in our section just a little to hard on the shoulder. Due to her guilt, she locked herself in the bathroom stall and refused to come out in fear of hurting everyone around her. I eventually got her to emerge and show her how no one was mad at her and now she knew to control her actions better so that it didn't happen again. It was a cute moment. 

xoxo, tay