Monday, August 1, 2016

Camp Week 7

I started my week with a visit from my wonderful Mom! We had parents day, so everyones parents and family members came to camp to hear about what we have been doing all summer. It was nice to spend some time with family... Even though my time at camp seemed to fly by it had actually been about two months since I had seen her. It felt like only a few weeks, it is so crazy to think that I was gone for so long!

My last week at camp was spent on high school! What an amazing week it was to end my summer on. The kids this week just seemed to be such a great group, especially my cabin girls. Week seven was definitely the highlight of my summer. It was so amazing to see God working in these kids lives. My cabin girls were so incredibly awesome, I didn't connect with any of my other campers the way I was able to connect with them. Sometimes I didn't even feel like we were doing anything special, just making bracelets, but those little things ended up being how we spent the most time getting to know each other.  Those little moments ended up being how I got past the surface level that I sometimes had a hard time getting past with other campers. I was sad to see them go, I wasn't ready to release them back into the real world. I wished that we could all hide out at camp and just keep making bracelets through the rest of summer and into the year. 

The time that I was dreading all summer finally came, the time for me to pack my things into my car and make the journey back home. On Saturday after campers left, we cleaned camp and did other jobs for most of the day. Then we all went to our cabins to clean up and get all dressed up for a banquet. It was funny to see everyone dressed up and eating fancier food in the same old dining hall that we ate in with campers all summer. We took lots of cute dock pictures (because where else do you take cute pictures at camp?) and ventured into the chapel to watch the team video. It was basically just a super long video showing all of our shenanigans from throughout the summer. It kind of was a bitter sweet moment for me to see the hilariously amazing people I spent the summer with. It was fun to reflect on all of the fun and amazing things we did the last two(ish) months, but sad to realize that we had just about reached the end and I would then have to say goodbye the next day. 

Just like I had to send my campers back out into the real world, it was next my turn, as well as some other team members. There is still technically another week left of camp, but I had to leave early for spirit week at school and others had there own reasons for leaving early.  It is hard to put into words the emotions I am feeling right now about leaving camp and knowing I will be back in Fort Myers by the end of this week. I am excited for this fall, but I know it will be hard and that I will miss my team. I am just focusing my energy on getting myself ready to go back to school and helping out with sorority recruitment so we can welcome new girls into our sisterhood. 

Good luck to all of the amazing team members, who are still at camp, with week eight and with the upcoming school year!

xoxo, tay